Welcome to the Zygan Emprise!  Fasten your seat belts!

Who's Who in the Zygan Federation
Shiloh Rush plays teen Ensign Tara Guard in the sci-fi TV series Bulwark on cable's Singularity Channel.  But her viewers and fans don't have a clue that Shiloh is really a secret agent for the Zygan Federation--and Earth's safety is in her hands.

From Shiloh's blog:  Hey! We started shooting Season 3 of Bulwark today.  Spud--I mean, Larry--and I are prisoners of the evil genius Mordmort.  We have less than 10 minutes to get out of the Batcave--I mean, the Touareg prison--before we're CSI bait.  BTW, if you think acting's cool, you've never sat under the klieg lights for take after take--ha, ha.  There are some perks, though.  I met Miley Cyrus and Robert Pattinson at a publicity lunch yesterday and you wouldn't believe what they told me!  Next month, they--TRANSMISSION LOST.

William "Spud" Escott, Shiloh's co-star on Bulwark hails from the UK.  He plays Tara Guard's partner on the TV series.  He's also by Shiloh Rush's side in Zygan Intelligence, analyzing clues and coming up with deductions, zooming around the universe in quest of villains, monsters and exciting adventure. 

From Spud's journal:  Little time to make an entry today, much less return to perusing my monographs.   Find  Tweeting singularly frustrating. In future, I shall without a doubt seek a chronicler.

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